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About Me!

My name is Kim Bales and I am a Portrait Photographer.

My mission with every client is to take the best photograph you have seen of yourself!

Sometimes in life, we tend to put ourselves and our needs after everyone elses.  What I offer in my studio is a day of pampering, in which you can let loose and reconnect with your inner self.  My team and I take great care in listening to how you would like to be photographed so that your heart is shown back to you in your images.

I would love to hear how you dream of being photographed!  

You can click the Contact option on the menu bar to email me at kim@kimbalesphotography.com, or call (619) 768-3550

Your Experience

The Consultation:

A few weeks before your session we will sit down together and discuss your session in detail. This includes who you would like to be photographed with, the desired mood of your session, any wardrobe needs, and the print products that we can create.

One week prior to your session, we will have another check-in to finalize your wardrobe options and address any last minute questions that you may have.

The Photo Session:

When you arrive at the studio, we will take a few moments to look through the items you brought and talk through the flow of the day. Once you are dressed and ready, I will guide you through a series of poses that best compliment your body and style. I will connect with you in a way that captures genuine expressions and the beauty that shines from within.

The Reveal + Ordering Session:

A few weeks after your session, you will be welcomed back into the studio to view the best images from our time together.  It is at this time that you will choose which images you would like to purchase and place your order.  

There is no hard sell; what you like, you buy.

Our most popular product is the Keepsake Box, which gives a home to all of your finished images when they are not on display.

The Makeover:

So much effort goes into every aspect of our time together, so why not indulge in having a professional Hair & Makeup Artist pamper you on the day of your photo session. Our highly skilled artist will take this ‘Model for a Day’ experience to the next level.

Client Love

When I scheduled my session, I recently had gone through a difficult divorce. I had no confidence and felt blah about myself. When I came in, Kim made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I remember smiling a lot and laughing about some of the poses as I held them. I felt beautiful! When I came back to see my pictures, I cried. They were so beautiful! I hadn’t seen myself in that way or felt that way in a long time. The whole experience boosted my confidence and reminded my of my love for myself. I plan on doing this again soon with my daughters. Thank you so much!  ~Amber

I would love to know how you dream of being photographed!  Contact me for a consultation.  (619) 768-3550

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